Serial Experiments Lain
(From memory)

A girl is committing suicide by falling off a building, but it’s in slow motion and she’s saying a bunch of stuff that foreshadows stuff that happens later on. Lain was friends with her probably and got an email from her, but people don’t believe her because the news of the death was so recent. Her dad is really horny for computers and has a huge rig with a bunch of monitors. They buy a computer for lain to use.

When the computer gets to the house lain talks with the delivery guy I think, and some dudes with red laser goggles stalk her. We see a scene where a guy is being hunted down by a small child and probs dies of a heart attack or something. Turns out it’s like some game that people were playing where their characters were in real life and that’s why the graphics were so good. Lain played some of it too.

Lain started adding peripherals to her computer, which must’ve been hella expensive, or it was an allegory for something or she stole it. She’s in some VRChat kinda thing now, but that’s what the internet is apparently, and she’d meet people with online personas and stuff, but she looked like herself. At this point she probably understood the internet was it’s own world, and she wanted to be more immersed in it. I think she chewed up some gum and put it in the mouth of a younger boy that was cyber-stalking her. which was kinda weird considering the age gap.

Eventually the laser eye suit guys were looking at her window, but Lain’s internet power level or something was over 9000 so his visor malfunctioned. There might have been a chase scene. They turned out to be an organization having to do with how the internet and real world are connected, and Lain was doing something they were concerned with. She hung out at their place and there was some exposition.

Eventually Lain goes with some friends to a bar club thing in the basement of a building. We see some guy buy a cyber-drug that makes everything slow because his brain is too fast so he decides to commit a mass shooting. Lain being confident and promiscuous, and I think she fights the shooter somehow, her friends are surprised how different she acts, and film gets out and people at school bully her. Lain wasn’t actually there, but a clone of her created by the difference between here IRL and Online personas. Now she’s stressed out. There was a scene where she glowed and exploded I think was here.

I think the clone took nude pics of her best friend and Lain develops a reputation as a Peeping Tom and they aren’t friends anymore. At some point she resets time, and is happy her fiends like her again, but she’s a ghost now and her clone phases through her chest to talk to her friends. She’s sad now.

Eventually Lain meets the guy that invented the internet, learns about Shuman Frequencies, the natural hum of the earth that kept playing real loud whenever there was a closeup shot of the internet cables, that let people internet using their brains, so the internet has psychic powers that effects reality because everyone’s a neuron in a super-brain. He dies. Another guy with long hair that can float starts stalking her and a bunch of crazy science talk exposition where they talk for a long time ensues. She simps for him and becomes internet Jesus. Her best friend comes along and realises how cluttered and sweaty her supercomputer gaming setup has become finds Lain in a tanktop and and shorts tied up in a bunch of cables. Scary long hair internet man shows up to T-pose on the couple. He becomes meat with eyes, sucks up Lain’s gaming rig and dies.

Eventually Lain resets everything, but she deletes herself so no anomalies happen, existing in some weird sense where she was basically god that I don’t remember but I was moved by it and cried. Her friend eventually has kids I think, and she talked to her friend one last time, but I don’t remember what.