Recoloured base of an anthropomorphic calico cat looking at the veiwer smugly. White body transitions to black paws at the forearms with brassy oranges and blondes. Their head is black on the right half and orange-blonde on the left.

Base I colored in because I wanted to figure a design I wanted before actually trying to draw them

Kate but in PonyTown and she's a pony

        | Name          | Kate                                                    |
	| Species       | Demestic Cat. Or maybe pony? and I dunno what kind yet. |
	| Breed         | Calico (Is that a breed?)                               |
	| Pronouns      | Whatever Mine Currently Are (She/Her rn)                |
	| Sex           | Yes :3                                                  |
        | Voice         | Old timey radio voice*                                  |
        | Fashion Sense | Perhaps a steampunk vibe**                              |

*Like how people on old radio shows would talk in a way that made what they were saying clear through the crusty audio quality. But like, with the crust. Maybe they're like an android or have a sci-fi electrolarynx or something. Kinda like Alastor Hasbin Hotel, but maybe a bit higher pitch.

**since I color picked from blocks in the Minecraft mod Create.

I made a Mine Little Pony minecraft skin for em, I'll upload it soon, don't have it on me rn.

Raw text of my initial ideas for them:

        Calico cat unless that's hard to draw, I know artists sometimes charge more for pattern complexity so maybe something simpler. 
        Maybe steampunk type clothing.
        Feminine body type, maybe just female I dunno. I mean once I get to where I can draw body types.
        Old timey radio host voice, but like higher pitch.
        Maybe make a minecraft skin of it first then try to draw.